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The southern-most part of Redstone Arsenal is surrounded by the Tennessee River. Along with your everyday boater, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary can be seen on the surface of the water.

“Our patrol takes in from Guntersville dam down to almost Interstate 565,” said Joe Kleri, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Division 24 Commander.

The volunteer group consists of Kleri, his wife Debbie, William Stadtlander, and the Vice Division Commander, Larry McFall.

“We have, what’s called, a MOM mission, stands for Maritime Observation Mission. We’ll go out on the river, we’ll look for weird things, things going on that shouldn’t be, like someone tampering with bridges. Then, we report it,” said McFall.

When it comes to protecting Redstone’s border, both the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and Arsenal security are on high alert.

“A lot of people will see there are a few signs that the Arsenal put up that says ‘Keep out.’ They’d be trespassing if they enter from the water. We’ve met with Arsenal at times. We have an understanding that if we see something out of place/unusual, that we would call their security,” said Kleri.

“The security does a real, good job here securing their base. We observe things going on and are trained to look and determine if it needs to be reported.

Redstone security comes out here constantly. We see them just about every time we’re out here,” said McFall. Out on the water, the group says they can run into many different kinds of situations.

“Some of the strange ones is somebody will be on the bank, waving to us, and you approach them. Then, they have nothing more than they’re trying to call our attention to they ran across a snake. Most of the times, it’ll be a family that has gone out for an afternoon and they try to restart their boat and it won’t start.”

Kleri says, the time they spend on the water, is another chance to be an aid to the community.

“It’s enlightening. We have an opportunity to serve the public. We’re there to help them,” said Kleri.

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